Pioneering the future of electronics manufacturing
Who we are.

PCB Labs was born in Silicon Valley, formed by a team of engineers and designers determined to speed up innovation in electronics. Our mission is simple: to eliminate the barriers slowing down innovation in electronics by making modern tools and industry leading automations accessible. With our expertise in creating impactful technologies, we aim to empower makers by providing faster, more efficient manufacturing solutions.

What we do.

Our desktop-scale PCB manufacturing system is designed for engineers and creators, allowing rapid production right in their workspace. This approach eliminates long lead times and high costs, making innovation faster and more accessible. With PCB Labs, the future of manufacturing is on your desk, transforming ideas into products with unprecedented ease.

Our vision.

At PCB Labs, we're not just building machines - we're enabling a future where innovation moves as fast as ideas. We want to make PCB manufacturing fast, affordable, and available everywhere and for everyone.  We're here to empower the next wave of inventors and engineers, giving them the tools to turn their vision into reality effortlessly. Join us, and together, let's push the limits of what's possible. 

Designed in the Netherlands

Engineered in Germany

Coded in Luxembourg